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Nutella Cream Pie

Great Family Memories
Remember my blog post where I said that I was a terrible baker?  If not, we've had a lot of things since then and you should check it out.  I have always dreamed of making sweet treats especially baked goods.  However, I was not gifted in this field (aka I'm too impatient), but I know someone who is fantastic at making desserts.  My mother in law Judy Guy is a fantastic baker and sweets explorer who just loves making up recipes, testing and perfecting recipes and checking out heirloom recipes.  So today, I thought I would showcase one of her recipes specifically her Nutella Cream Pie!

My mother in law attends a small country church called Stockholm United Baptist.  It's way out in the boonies and has quite a number of members despite its small appearance from the outside.  Their warm, friendly personality may have you attending a service a time or two but their homecomings and potlucks will draw you back every time!  Last Sunday, we decided to join her …

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